ARTIS-led Events

13 May  2014: ARTIS@Manchester2014
New Perspectives on Translation: Insights into the Performative and Cognitive Work of Translators

13 February 2015: ARTIS@Manchester2015
Researching Translation in the Context of Popular Culture: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives

11-12 November 2016: ARTIS@Manchester2016
Materiality, Digital Cultures and Transmission in Translation Studies, Manchester University

12 September 2018: ARTIS@Nottingham2018
Verbal and Visual Paratexts in Translation and Interpreting Studies

ARTIS International Research School

This is a new initiative due to begin in July 2020, in conjunction with the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies Shanghai Jiao Tong University. For more information please click here.

Collaborative ARTIS Events

29 May 2015: ARTIS@Edinburgh2015
Transitions: Early Career Research in Translation Studies, University of Edinburgh

15-16 June 2015: ARTIS@UCL2015
Multidimensional Methodologies: Collaboration and Networking in Translation Research, UCL

7 November 2015: ARTIS@Heriot-Watt2015
Interpreter-mediated Justice: Different Languages, Different Research Methodologies, Heriot-Watt University

25-27 March 2016: ARTIS@Shanghai2016
Narrative Theory in Translation Studies: A Research Symposium, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

7-8 April 2016: ARTIS@HongKong2016
Researching Collaborative Translation: An International Symposium, Hong Kong Baptist University

12-14 January 2017: ARTIS@Ajou2017
Translation and Knowledge: From Knowledge Production to Collective Intelligence on the Web, Ajou University, South Korea

29-30 July 2017: ARTIS@Bangkok2017

26 October 2017: ARTIS@Cologne2017
Training Event: Corpora in translation and interpreting studies

17-18 January 2019: ARTIS@Beirut2019
Translation and Interpreting in Conflict Zones