Theatre translation

Performability: What Can Theatre Teach us about Translation?“, Dr. Geraldine Brodie (Lecturer in Translation Studies and supervisor for the SELCS Writing Lab at UCL). The talk was delivered on 16 May 2013 as part of the conference ‘TRANSLATING AND INTERPRETING ACROSS MEDIA: Exploring the Relevance of (Inter)mediality for Language Pedagogy’, organised by the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester.

ABSTRACT: Theatre presents a multifaceted site for the study of translation. The range of collaborative activity and terminology around translation for the theatre demonstrates the differing degrees of agency and visibility that constitute the translational act. Furthermore, the performance aspects of theatre techniques can inform the process of translation beyond those pages destined for the stage. This presentation investigates the role of performance in translation, exploring the significance of translation/version/adaptation terminology within theatre and what it reveals, or conceals, about the agency of the translator(s) and collaborative theatre practices. I will suggest that these elements of theatre translation can not only be applied when researching other specialisms within translation and interpretation, but can also assist in the teaching and learning of translation.