ARTIS Steering Board

Prof Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK)

bakerMona Baker is Professor Emerita of Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK, Principal Investigator on the AHRC-funded project Genealogies of Knowledge: The Evolution and Contestation of Concepts across Time and Space and Director of the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (Jiao Tong University, Shanghai), She is co-editor, with Luis Pérez-González and Bolette Blaagaard, of the Routledge series Critical Perspectives on Citizen Media, author of In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation (1992; third edition 2018) and Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account (2006, Classics edition 2018), editor of Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution (2016; winner of the Inttranews Linguists of the Year award for 2015), Citizen Media and Public Spaces: Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent (co-edited with Bolette Blaagaard), a special issue of Alif on Translation and the Production of Knowledge(s), the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies (third edition, co-edited with Gabriela Saldanha, 2019); Critical Concepts: Translation Studies (4 volumes, 2009); and Critical Readings in Translation Studies (2010). Her articles have appeared in a wide range of international journals, including Social Movement Studies, Critical Studies on Terrorism, Social SemioticsThe Translator and Target. She is founding Vice-President of IATIS, the International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies (2004-2015). She posts on translation, citizen media and Palestine on her personal website,, and tweets at @MonaBaker11.

Prof Kathryn Batchelor (UCL, UK)

Kathryn Batchelor

Kathryn Batchelor is Professor of Translation Studies at University College London (UCL). Her research interests encompass translation theory, literary translation, translation history, translation and philosophy, and translation in or involving Africa. She is the author of Decolonizing Translation: Francophone African Novels in English Translation (St. Jerome, 2009) and Translation and Paratexts (Routledge, 2018). She has also co-edited four volumes of essays: Translating Thought/Traduire la pensée (special issue of Nottingham French Studies 49.2, 2010), Intimate Enemies: ‘Translation in Francophone Contexts (Liverpool University Press, 2013), Translating Frantz Fanon across Continents and Languages (Routledge, 2017), China-Africa Relations: Building Images through Cultural Cooperation. Media Representation and Communication (Routledge, 2017). Prof Batchelor is also a member of the Peer College of the Martha Cheung Award for Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar.

Prof Theo Hermans (University College London, University of Manchester, UK)

hermans (118x150)Theo Hermans was educated at the universities of Ghent (Belgium), Essex and Warwick. He is now Emeritus Professor in the Centre for Translation Studies at University College London (UCL). He writes in both Dutch and English, and edits the series Translation Theories Explored published by Routledge. His main research interests concern the theory and history of translation. His is the author of Translation in Systems (1999) and The Conference of the Tongues (2007), and editor of The Manipulation of Literature (1985), Crosscultural Transgressions (2002) and Translating Others (2 vols, 2006). Outside the field of translation studies he edited The Flemish Movement: A Documentary History 1780-1990 (1992) and A Literary History of the Low Countries (2009). He was Distinguished Humanities Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001 and Nida Professor at the Nida School of Translation Studies in 2009. He was elected a member of the Flemish Academy in 2008 and is currently also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. His work has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

Dr Maeve Olohan (University of Manchester, UK)

Maeve Olohan is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK. Her research concerns the sociomateriality of professional translation practices, past and present. She has conducted studies in the workplaces of today’s translators and translation project managers but has also worked on case studies of scientific translation practices in 19th-century Europe. Other interests include translation technology, volunteer translation, corpus-based translation studies and translation pedagogy. She is author of Scientific and Technical Translation (2016) and Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies (2004), editor of Intercultural Faultlines: Research Models in Translation Studies I (2000) and co-editor of Text and Context: Essays on Translation and Interpreting in Honour of Ian Mason (20110) and a special issue of The Translator (2011) on the translation of science. She is a member of the AHRC Peer Review College and a Board member of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) Network.

Dr Luis Pérez-González (University of Manchester, UK)

perez-gonzalez (123x150)Luis Pérez-González is Professor in Translation Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK. His main research interests concern audiovisual translation, multimodal communication and, more recently, media sociology in the digital culture. Former Editor of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (St Jerome Publishing), he is the author of Audiovisual Translation: Theories, Methods and Issues (Routledge, 2014). He was guest editor of special issues of The Journal of Language and Politics 11(2) (Translation and the Genealogy of Conflict, 2012) and The Translator 18(2) (Non-professionals Translating and Interpreting: Participatory and Engaged Perspectives, 2012, with Şebnem Susam-Saraeva). He has acted as a consultant for the European Agency for Reconstruction on the development of translation and interpreter training programmes and translation certification mechanisms in Eastern Europe, and for the European Commission on a project on the social impact of translation in multilingual communities. He is currently serving as Leader of the Translation and Interpreting Studies Pathway in the AHRC’s North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership.

Dr Şebnem Susam-Saraeva (University of Edinburgh, UK)

susam-saraeva (115x150)Şebnem Susam-Saraeva is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Her research interests have included gender and translation, retranslations, translation of literary and cultural theories, research methodology in translation studies and internationalization of the discipline. She is the author of Translation and Popular Music. Transcultural Intimacy in Turkish-Greek Relations (2015) and Theories on the Move. Translation’s Role in the Travels of Literary Theories (2006), and guest-editor of Translation and Music (2008) and Non-Professionals Translating and Interpreting. Participatory and Engaged Perspectives (2012, with Luis Pérez-González). Susam-Saraeva’s literary translations into Turkish include Kazuo Ishiguro’s 1989 Booker Prize Winner The Remains of the Day (1993). She is also the winner of PEN Wales Translation Challenge 2017 with her poetry translation from Küçük İskender.



Dr Rebecca Tipton (University of Manchester, UK)

tipton (113x150)Rebecca Tipton, PhD, is a Lecturer in Interpreting and Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK. She has published on interpreting in conflict zones, and asylum, police and social work settings. Her work foregrounds issues of interpreter impartiality, trust, risk and organisational accountability to limited English proficient service users. More recent work has focused on interpreter mediation for victims of domestic abuse in statutory and non-statutory services, and on the role of translation and interpreting in Britain’s humanitarian history ( She is currently Secretary/Treasurer of IATIS. Recent publications include Dialogue Interpreting: A guide to interpreting in public services and the community (Routledge, 2016, with Olgierda Furmanek); Ideology, Ethics and Policy Development in Public Service Interpreting and Translation (2017, with Carmen Valero-Garcés) and Routledge Handbook of Translation and Pragmatics (2019, in press, with Louisa Desilla).