M2: Unit 2: Chapter 8 – Nahuijs 1868: Preface

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 5: Siebenhaar 1927 Chapter 9: Siebenhaar 1927: Preface
Chapter 2: The Passage in Context Chapter 6: Edwards 1967 Chapter 10: Edwards 1967: Preface
Chapter 3: Three Translations Chapter 7: Three Prefaces Chapter 11: Conclusion
Chapter 4: Nahuijs 1868 Chapter 8: Nahuijs 1868: Preface

Chapter 8: Nahuijs 1868: Preface

Access the preface here. Read it carefully first. There is no need to print it out. We do not need to analyze it sentence by sentence, only pick out the main ideas.

First, consider the opening paragraph. Nahuijs immediately highlights the book’s political significance and the storm it caused in Holland when it appeared there some years earlier.

Consider next the English-language novel Nahuijs compares Max Havelaar to. This too is a book with a message.

Finally, consider the closing paragraph, where the translator explains why he reckons the book ought to be available to English readers.

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