M2: Unit 2: Chapter 5 – Q5.1 Answer

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Siebenhaar has several elements, including sentences or asides, that are missing in Nahuijs. For example, Siebenhaar’s sentence <7> is missing in Nahuijs, as is the aside in Siebenhaar’s sentence <20> with the reference to Frits.

There are other, smaller elements in Siebenhaar that are missing in Nahuijs. For example, Siebenhaar <30>, “She sells plates and peg tops”, corresponds with the last part of Nahuijs <24> where the woman only “sells saucers.”

Note also Siebenhaar <11>, “He was a lad about six years old”, which solves the problem we encountered in the previous chapter: in Nahuijs <8> the boy is said to be six years old, but how could Drystubble know this when he had not met the family before?

All this suggests that the difference in length is not due to Siebenhaar adding or inventing things that were not in the original, but that Nahuijs skipped and omitted things that were in the original. At this stage, and without access to the actual original, the suggestion is no more than a tentative hypothesis.