M2: Unit 2: Chapter 5 – Questions

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Question 5.1

Siebenhaar’s version is longer than Nahuijs’s. What causes the difference in length?

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Question 5.2

When, in Siebenhaar’s sentence <14>, the boy asks Drystubble “Have you come to see papa?”, the translator adds a footnote.

Why is the footnote there? How does it compare with the corresponding sentence <11> in Nahuijs?

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Question 5.3

Compare sentence <1> in Siebenhaar and Nahuijs.

What is the difference, and what is its implication?

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Question 5.4

Siebenhaar’s narrative is located in a Dutch context. Reading, in English, a story about characters who are meant to be conversing in Dutch requires a suspension of disbelief similar to the suspension of disbelief we activate when reading historical novels, watching historical films or indeed watching dubbed films.

Can you see instances in Siebenhaar’s version where this suspension of disbelief becomes problematic and leads to tensions or incongruities within the text itself?

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