M2 Unit 2: Chapter 5 Siebenhaar 1927

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 5: Siebenhaar 1927 Chapter 9: Siebenhaar 1927: Preface
Chapter 2: The Passage in Context Chapter 6: Edwards 1967 Chapter 10: Edwards 1967: Preface
Chapter 3: Three Translations Chapter 7: Three Prefaces Chapter 11: Conclusion
Chapter 4: Nahuijs 1868 Chapter 8: Nahuijs 1868: Preface

Chapter 5 – Siebenhaar 1927

Let’s now add our second translation. Access it here and print it out so you can put it alongside Nahuijs 1868.

It is not hard to see this version is longer: 38 sentences against just 30 in Nahuijs. The difference is not primarily due to Siebenhaar splitting up long sentences.

Another marked difference between the two translations is that Siebenhaar’s version also comes with a footnote.

Also, Frits is mentioned. I said in Chapter 2 that both Frits and Stern were mentioned in the passage, but you may have noticed when looking at Nahuijs 1868 in the previous chapter that Frits was absent there.

Now attempt the Questions. They are comparative and concern differences between the Siebenhaar 1927 and Nahuijs 1868 versions. I am assuming – and this is a significant methodological point – that Siebenhaar had seen Nahuijs’s version when he produced his own.

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