M2: Unit 2: Chapter 4 – Nahuijs 1868

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 5: Siebenhaar 1927 Chapter 9: Siebenhaar 1927: Preface
Chapter 2: The Passage in Context Chapter 6: Edwards 1967 Chapter 10: Edwards 1967: Preface
Chapter 3: Three Translations Chapter 7: Three Prefaces Chapter 11: Conclusion
Chapter 4: Nahuijs 1868 Chapter 8: Nahuijs 1868: Preface

Chapter 4 – Nahuijs 1868

Access the Nahuijs 1868 translation by clicking here. You may prefer to print it out for easy reference.

Read the passage carefully, more than once, ignoring the pointed brackets in the text.

Remember the context of the passage. Drystubble is a well-to-do and complacent coffee broker making the acquaintance of a dignified but slightly shabby-looking family.

Make a note of anything at all that strikes you in the translation, for whatever reason.

See if you can identify any part or aspect of the passage that may have presented a problem to the translator.

Now click on Questions at the bottom of the screen. There are only a couple of questions, as this is the first translation we are looking at. We will need to return to this version as we explore the subsequent translations and have more things to compare.

> Questions

> Translations