Unit 2: Understanding Translation as Interpretation – Theo Hermans

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hermans (118x150)Unit 2: Understanding Translation as Interpretation – Theo Hermans

This unit offers a practical exercise in comparing and explaining different translations. It is aimed at students with an interest in narrative, in literary translation and in historical studies.

This material was developed in 2005 as part of the Translation Research Summer School, jointly organised by the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University College London and Hong Kong Baptist University, between 2001-2013. As such, it reflects early 21st century thinking on translation and interpreting studies.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Passage in Context

Chapter 3: Three Translations

Chapter 4: Nahuijs 1868

Chapter 5: Siebenhaar 1927

Chapter 6: Edwards 1967

Chapter 7: Three Prefaces

Chapter 8: Nahuijs 1868 – Preface

Chapter 9: Siebenhaar 1927 – Preface

Chapter 10: Edwards 1967 – Preface

Chapter 11: Conclusion