M2: Unit 1: Chapter 1 – Introduction

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Ch 1: Introduction Ch 4: Corpus-Based Translation Studies Ch 7: Limitations & Potential of Corpus Processing Tools
Ch 2: Systemic Functional Grammar Ch 4 Continued: Corpus-Based Translation Studies Ch 8: Bibliography
Ch 2 Continued: Systemic Functional Grammar Ch 5: The Feel of the Texts
Ch 3: Point of View (POV) Ch 6: Advantages of Corpus Processing Tools

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This session is an introduction to Halliday’s approach to language and how it can be adopted for the analysis of translation. The related notion of point of view will be presented along with the various ways in which the ‘feel’ of a text can be analysed. You will then be presented with a comparative model to analyse originals and translations which uses corpus processing tools.