M2: Unit 3: Chapter 8 – Questions

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Q 8.1

Some theorists describe translators and interpreters as existing somehow ‘outside’ of cultures, in the ‘intersections between cultures’ (Pym 1998:183). From what you have read so far, how do you think this neutral view of translators and interpreters is viewed by narrative theorists?

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Q 8.2

Baker argues that translators and interpreters should refuse to take on assignments on ethical grounds if these assignments conflict with one of the narratives they subscribe to. Can you think of any situations when this wouldn’t be possible? If so, what actions do you think translators or interpreters should take if they are forced to accept an assignment which they see as unethical?

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Q 8.3

Read this article (‘Officers Battle Visa Hurdles for Iraq Aides’, The New York Times, 14 May 2008 ) about the experience of Iraqi interpreters working for the US forces in Iraq. How is the character of ‘Jack’ narrated in this article? How does it relate to other accounts of war zone translators and interpreters that you have read?

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