Module 2: Research Methods in Translation & Intercultural Studies

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4876888640_c480ee248eModule 2: Research Methods in Translation & Intercultural Studies

This module consists of a course on theoretical and empirical research, with emphasis on the crosscultural and interdisciplinary aspects of research on translation, interpreting and intercultural communication.




Unit 1: Translating Point of View: Charlotte Bosseaux

This unit presents the notion of point of view along with the various ways in which the ‘feel’ of a text can be analysed. You will be presented with a comparative model to analyse originals and translations which uses corpus processing tools.

Unit 2: Understanding Translation as Interpretation: Theo Hermans

This unit offers a practical exercise in comparing and explaining different translations. It is aimed at students with an interest in narrative, in literary translation and in historical studies.

Unit 3: Understanding Translation as Renarration: Catherine Mansfield

This unit explains how a sociological understanding of narrativity can help us make sense of textual choices in translation and interpreting as well as examine the ethical implications of these choices. It defines the notion of narrative and discusses different types of narrative that translators and interpreters participate in elaborating. It also offers an analysis of the core features of narrative and examples of how these features may be renegotiated in translation and interpreting.