M1: Unit 4: Chapter 3 Solution

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This is not an easy task. Describing the social space requires you to be selective: you cannot study all the dynamics of the society at the time when your selected translations were produced. You need to identify the aspects or activities in that society that you find most relevant to the translations in question. You may like to consider the political and the economic conditions in that society at that time, or the hierarchy of social classes and the tensions between them. You may also want to look into the language policy and language education, or even the available formal training, if any, provided to translators. Drawing a clear and detailed picture of the field in which these translations were produced is another demanding task. Here, you need to look into the translation activity at the time the two translations were produced. You also need to consider the contemporary translators and how they related to each other; the existing tensions between them and how they all negotiated their positions in the field. You may need to consider what it meant for a translation to be successful at that time: is it closeness to the source text or acceptability by the target audience? And what that meant for the practicing translators.