M1: Unit 4: Chapter 2 Solution

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The differences you will find can be generally categorised into two: textual and para-textual. Textual differences have to do with the actual translation choices made by the two translators in question. Here you may find differences at the lexical level, or in connection with the register used. If you have chosen translations of a literary or dramatic text, you may come across differences in relation with the ways the plot of the original is relayed in both translations; the portrayal of characters; and the extent of cultural appropriation in the two translations (additions, deletions, or changes that would ultimately make the translation acceptable to the target audience). Para-textual differences have to do with the ways the two translations are packaged for different consumers. This is done through the front cover, blurb, introductions, prefaces, footnotes, afterwords, commentaries or reviews by the translators or others on the translations, etc.