M1: Unit 3: Chapter 1 – Introduction

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 5: Gender Oriented Approaches
Chapter 2: Gender and Translation Text 1: Ensler
Chapter 3: Gender and Language Text 2: Sappho
Chapter 4: Gender-related Metaphorics on Translation

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This unit is written by Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva, lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The primary aim of this unit is to introduce a sample of the most important approaches within translation studies which developed mainly in the 1990s, and which, often in addition to being ‘descriptivist’, aim at questioning, challenging, and ultimately changing the systems they address through translation-related situations and phenomena. The unit consists of a series of expository Chapters outlining one such ‘interventionist’ approach to the study of translation, and a number of Questions and Tasks to help you digest the ideas and explore their practical value in translation research, and a set of Texts that we will use as research objects.