Unit 2: The Descriptive Approach to Translation – Siobhan Brownlie

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Unit 2: The Descriptive Approach to Translation – Siobhan Brownlie

The unit focuses on the descriptive approach to translation research. The notions of the founding figure, Gideon Toury, are discussed together with criticisms of his ideas. As well as some general questions and tasks, students are asked to apply the theory and method to a set of texts they have constituted.

This material was developed in 2005 as part of the Translation Research Summer School, jointly organised by the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University College London and Hong Kong Baptist University, between 2001-2013. As such, it reflects early 21st century thinking on translation and interpreting studies.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Scientific Model

Chapter 3: Theoretical and Descriptive Branches

Chapter 4: Applied Branch

Chapter 5: Target Orientation

Chapter 6: Systemic Position

Chapter 7: Norms Theory

Chapter 8: Norms Critique

Chapter 9: Other Sources of Explanation

Chapter 10: Objectivity

Chapter 11: Self-reflection

Chapter 12: Computerization

Chapter 13: Laws

Chapter 14: Conclusion

Chapter 15: Bibliography