M1: Unit 1: Chapter 4 Translation 2

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Translation 2:

EU Document

From an EU recommendation on action to help small and medium-sized enterprises [SME; French PME]

1 French original:

Le rapport biannuel sur la coordination des activités en faveur des PME et de l’artisanat rendra compte des progrès accomplis notamment grâce à l’établissement et à la comparaison de données sur le taux de participation des PME aux programmes communautaires tant en nombre de projets qu’en volume budgétaire et à l’introduction, le cas échéant, de mesures susceptibles d’augmenter la participation des PME.

2 Raw machine translation:

The biannual report on the coordination of the activities for the SMEs and for the craft industry will give an account of the progress achieved in particular thanks to the establishment and thanks to the comparison of data on the rate of participation of the SMEs in the Community programmes both in number of projects and in budgetary volume and in the introduction, if necessary, of specific measures likely to increase the participation of the SMEs.

3 Human translator A:

The twice-yearly report on the coordination of activities to assist SMEs and the craft sector will detail the progress achieved, particularly through compiling and comparing data on the participation rate of SMEs in Community programmes – in terms both of the number of projects and the budgetary volume involved – and through the introduction, where appropriate, of special measures to increase the participation of SMEs.

4 Human Translator B:

Our success or failure will be measured by the twice-yearly report on action to help small businesses. This will show exactly how many of them are involved in Community programmes – both the number of projects, and the financial volume they represent. The report will also chart the impact of any special measures that might boost applications from small businesses.

Source: Andrew Chesterman & Emma Wagner, Can Theory Help Translators?, Manchester 2002, p 8-9.

Translation 2 is a brief fragment from a European Union recommendation on action to help small and medium-sized businesses. The original is in French, and we have three translations of it: first a raw machine translation and then two human translations.