M1: Unit 1: Task 4.1 Solution

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Here is one stab at it:

Twice a year we will have a report on what we have achieved. The report will show if we have managed to help small businesses along. It will also show how many of these businesses are involved in the programmes of the Community. We will be able to see in how many different projects they take part, and how much money that means. The report will also show how successful we have been in getting small businesses to participate.

Your version will of course not be identical to this. That does not matter. What you should think about, it the way in which a version intended for fourteen-year-olds differs from the two existing versions in terms of textual structure: length of sentences, grammatical structures used, repetitions, etc.

As a further step you may want to reflect on the kind of linguistics that might enable you to analyze and research phenomena of this kind.