M1: Unit 1: Chapter 3 – Translation 1

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Translation 1:

Tea packet

Dahongpao has been regarded as a rare tea, it is named the number one tea in Wuyi Rock Tea. Jiulong cave sheer precipice and overhanging rocks in Wuyi mountain is the Original growing place. The local scientific research institution has done many research work in the same natural condition. achieved success in growing by none – seed. after P.R. China founded. It keeps the special rock tea taste of original Dahongpao by appraisal of the specialists. that is. fragrant and race. good taste and scent. drinking up and fine feeling. the tea smell remains after seven times making. feeliing very nice and comfortable after drinking. Now it is produced only by the Tea General Company of Wuyishan City.

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Translation 1 is the English text of the side of a small packet of tea bought at Shanghai Airport some years ago. The other side of the packet has a text of similar length in Chinese. I presume the English is a translation from Chinese.