M1: Unit 1: Chapter 12 – Reference Works

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Chapter 2: Where to Start? Chapter 6: Beyond Decsriptivism Chapter 10: Afterword
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Chapter 4: Text Linguistics & Pragmatics Chapter 8: Gender Studies Chapter 12: Reference Works

Chapter 12: Reference Works

Here is an annotated list of the main general reference works on translation studies currently available in English:

Baker, Mona. 1998. ed. Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. London/New York: Routledge.

The most comprehensive one-volume translation encyclopedia in English. Part I, ‘General’, features around 80 entries arranged alphabetically, from ‘Action Theory’ to ‘Universals of Translation’. Part II, ‘History and Traditions’, has around 30 articles on particular translation traditions, from ‘African’ to ‘Turkish’. A revised second edition is in preparation.

Classe, Olive. 2000. Ed. Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English. London: Fitzroy Dearborn.

This large reference work is arranged alphabetically throughout and comprises articles on individual terms (from ‘Acceptability’ to ‘Unit of Translation’), authors (from ‘Adunis’ to ‘Stefan Zweig’) and languages and literatures translated into English (from ‘African Languages’ to ‘Welsh’).

France, Peter. 2000. Ed. The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Part I, ‘Theory and History’, features 17 articles on theory, history and text types. The much longer Part II, ‘Translated Literature’, has articles on a wide range of literatures (arranged roughly alphabetically, from ‘African Languages’ to ‘West Asian Languages’) and the history of translation into English.

Kittel, Harald; Frank, Armin Paul; Greiner, Norbert; Hermans, Theo; Koller, Werner; Lambert, José & Paul, Fritz. 2004- . Eds. Übersetzung. Translation. Traduction. Ein internationales Handbuch zur Übersetzungsforschung. An International Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. Encyclopédie internationale de la recherche sur la traduction. Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter.

When it is complete this promises to be the largest general encyclopedia on translation. Most of the articles are in either English or German, some are in French. So far only volume 1 has appeared, a total of 106 articles arranged systematically rather than alphabetically. The emphasis in this volume is on general aspects, linguistics and literary and cultural issues.

Pollard, David & Chan, Sin-wai. 1995. Eds. An Encylopaedia of Translation. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

This is the first translation studies encyclopedia in English. It has around a hundred articles grouped around keywords from ‘Aesthetics’ to ‘Undertranslation’. Some of the entries are general, others are concerned specifically with translation between English and Chinese.