ARTIS Online Training Course

This material was developed in 2005 as part of the Translation Research Summer School, jointly organised by the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University College London and Hong Kong Baptist University, between 2001-2013. As such, it reflects early 21st century thinking on translation and interpreting studies.

Module 1: Theories of Translation & Interpreting

This module offers critical discussion of recent thinking on translation, interpreting and other forms of intercultural communication.
There are several units in the module. Each unit addresses a different topic and is subdivided into chapters. The chapters consist of discursive text and are accompanied by questions and tasks. The questions tend to be conceptual, to test your understanding of the issues discussed in the relevant chapter. The tasks are more practical and refer to particular translations that are provided or to a corpus you put together yourself. Both questions and tasks come with model answers, which are offered as possible valid answers rather than as the only correct answers.

4876888640_c480ee248eModule 2: Research Methods in Translation & Intercultural Studies

This module consists of a course on theoretical and empirical research, with emphasis on the crosscultural and interdisciplinary aspects of research on translation, interpreting and intercultural communication.