Materiality, Digital Cultures and Transmission
in Translation Studies

Graduate School, Ellen Wilkinson Building, University of Manchester

11-12 November 2016


Hosted By:
Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester

  1. About the Event
  2. Programme and Presentation slides
  3. Contact

1. About the event

This two-day event focused on material and digital cultures, and textual transmission, promoting conversations about how we conceptualise, encounter and research materials and materiality in translation studies. The event provided a space for exploring concepts of materiality in relation to invention, circulation, performance and interpretation, and considered questions such as:

  • how do current understandings of materiality in translation studies shape our approach to research design?
  • how can conversations in the digital humanities illuminate understandings of translation studies scholars’ relationships with materials, meaning and transmission?
  • how do different types of encounter with materials help to produce different ways of knowing?

The event involved scholars who work on issues of materiality and translation, with expertise ranging from medieval manuscripts and early printed books to digital culture and audiovisual formats. These were accompanied over the two days by presentations from PhD students and early career researchers, a roundtable on the digital humanities and a workshop on the development and application of research methods relevant to the themes of the event.

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2. Programme and presentation slides

A copy of the final programme can be found here.

A PDF download of Jonathan Evans’ keynote presentation can be found here.

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3. Contact

Event contact:  Dr Rebecca Tipton

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