Shorter Events

Please note: These sessions can also be part of the longer events listed under One- to Two-Week Events; and vice versa, sessions from the longer syllabi can be incorporated into these shorter events depending on the particular theme/topic and on the needs of the host institution. The topics chosen below are for illustrative purposes only.


Historical research in Translation Studies
  • Researching and writing translation history: Theoretical and methodological perspectives
  • Periodical studies and translation studies – using the periodical press in historiographical research
  • Paratexts and translation history/ Historical approaches
  • Topics in Renaissance/early modern translation
  • Topics in translation and book history
  • Exploring archives
  • Historical research methods in audiovisual translation
  • Writing about translation in historical contexts
  • Oral history methods and challenges
Research on Literary Translation
  • Analysing voice and style in literary texts and their translations
  • Literary text analysis
  • Postcolonial literature and translation
  • Humour and translation
  • Translation of poetry
Research in Audio-Visual Translation
  • Research methods in AVT
  • Investigating voice in translated documentaries
  • Multimodal theory in translation studies
  • Archival research in audiovisual translation