Research in Interpreting Studies

Please note: These syllabi are intended as templates only. The sessions are given as examples and can be regrouped according to the academic needs of the host institution.

Session 1: Introduction to Interpreting Research
Session 2: Theoretical Frameworks
  • Cognitive linguistics and interpreting studies
  • Approaching conference interpreting as a social practice
  • Politics of belonging – theorising identity in interpreted interaction
  • Neoliberalist discourses and research in Public Service Interpreting and Translation
Session 3: Concepts and Methods
  • Investigating superdiversity and interpreting
  • Experimental research methods in interpreting research
  • Multi-lingual, multi-modal interpreting research OR Exploring interpreting as a multi-modal processing task
  • Using eye-tracking technology in interpreting research
  • Mixed methods approaches with small communities
  • Corpus-based studies in interpreting
  • Doing text and discourse analysis in interpreting studies
  • Managing partnerships in applied research in Public Service Interpreting and Translation
  • Research on translanguaging in the multilingual city: Public Service Interpreting and Translation perspectives