Jaume-Plensa USE2ARTIS, or Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies, is a new research training initiative in the broad area of translation and interpreting studies. The training we offer is designed to help individual researchers and groups of researchers to improve their research skills and methods, to set up and manage research projects effectively, and to negotiate and apply theoretical models. In providing training along these lines ARTIS seeks to contribute to the enhancement of translation and interpreting research quality in general.

ARTIS builds on the long and successful history of the Translation Research Summer School, which was organised by the University of Manchester, University College London (UCL) and the University of Edinburgh. ARTIS is run by a Steering Board made up of staff from these same universities but, in addition, we are bringing in experienced colleagues from other UK institutions as well as a large international panel of Associates with a wide array of research specialisms. Whereas the Summer School was held as an annual two-week event in a fixed location, ARTIS is a flexible platform that can deliver short, intensive training in a variety of places and is able to respond to local needs.  ARTIS will be administered by the University of Manchester’s Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies.

ARTIS seeks to address primarily the training requirements of doctoral students, postdoctoral  and early career researchers, as well as both junior and experienced teaching staff who wish to develop or refresh their research skills.

In practice, ARTIS envisages being involved in up to four research training events per year, each normally of two to three days’ duration. Two of these are likely to be held in the UK, including at least one in Manchester. The other two could be held anywhere in the world. Each event should be self-financing, and all events should be open to participants from more than one institution.  The events can be of various types, including intensive workshops, doctoral masterclasses or themed colloquia.

ARTIS invites proposals for training events in accordance with these principles. Following a successful proposal a specific collaborative agreement between ARTIS and the relevant institution is set up. ARTIS undertakes to help design an appropriate programme or syllabus and to contact suitable Associates, at least one of whom will actively participate in delivering training locally. Participants in ARTIS events have access to the digital learning tools of the Translation Research Summer School.